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Text corrections

Generally speaking, the aim is to get the text content exactly the same as in the PDF. However, the following changes should be made:

  • Page headers and footers should be removed eg
    January 1992           The Sydney Bushwalker       Page 5
  • Advertisements should be removed altogether
  • Images should be removed altogether (along with any text directly relating to that image)
  • People’s names should be corrected, if you know they are incorrect eg Ian Wolf should be Ian Wolfe
  • Place names should be corrected, if you know they are incorrect eg Wollangambe, not Wallangambe or Wollangambie
  • If a place name has a more recent, or common alternative name, add it in brackets eg Wallara Canyon [Dione Dell]
  • Note also that place names by convention do not have apostrophes eg Coxs River, not Cox’s River – if you find these, please correct them
  • Fix general spelling errors where noted
  • Punctuation may be corrected, but this is often a matter of taste, so only correct where it is clearly wrong
  • Separators such as ******** or ========= should be removed

Text formatting

The number one priority is to get the text corrected. However, it will certainly help to get it into a more readable format.

If you would also like to format the resulting text, please use the following conventions where possible. Note that recent newsletters may have a fair bit of formatting, so some of these conventions may be difficult to follow:

  • Use bold in place of underlined/capitalised text, except in story titles, in which case…
  • Use Heading 2 for story titles, and Heading 3 for subtitles (no capitals unless absolutely needed)
  • Use a table for the index, and any other text requiring aligned columns


For an example of a largely complete magazine, see January 1992

Ready to go!

When you are ready to start editing, see the list of magazines!

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