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THE SYDNEY BUSHWALKER is a monthly bulletin of matters of interest

to members of The Sydney Bush

Walkers Inc

PO Box 431 Milsons Point 1565.

To advertise in this magazine, please contact the Business Manager.

Editor: Ray Hookway Telephone 9411 1873 Email

_ Business Manager: Elizabeth Miller 1 The Babette, Castlecrag, 2068 Telephone 9958 7838 Production Manager: Frances Hoiland Printers: Kenn Clacher, Barrie Murdoch, -

_\Margaret. Niven, Les.Powell, Tom Wenman, -

THE SYDNEY BUSH WALKERS INCORPORATED was founded in 1927. Club meetings are held. every Wednesday.

, Centre, 16 Fitzroy Street, Kirribilli (near Milsons Point Railway Station). Visitors and

Wednesday. \


Eddy Giacomel


“Vice-President: Tony Hoigate

Public Officer: Fran Holland Treasurer: Edith Baker Secretary: Rosemary MacDougal |

Walks Secretary: Bill Capon Social Secretary Elwyn Morris Membership Secretary: . Barry Wallace New Members Secretary: Frank Grennan Conservation Secretary: Bill Holland Magazine Editor: Ray Hookway Committee Members: Anthony Crichton & Spiro Hajinakitas Delegates to Confederation: Jim Callaway & Wilf Hilder


Issue No. 783

2, SBW Annual General Meeting Notice. 2, New Walking Track at | Coolana. by Frank Rigby 2. SBW.Reunion notice. 3. A Breathtaking View. by William Midson

_4. Cycle Trip Notice by Tom Wenman

4. News from Roger Browne. by Bill Holland

5. Mt Townsend - Bob Turners Track by Craig Austin.

6. 4 Club Cliques. by Morag Ryder

6. Confederation Notes.

S&R Training

8. SBW Committee Positions Duties

9, Beyond The Comfort Zone. by Libby Harrington

11. The December General Meeting. reported by Barry Wallace.

12. The January General Meeting, reported by Barry Wallace.

14. RNP Bush Regeneration

14. Confederation Ball Advt

14. Map Grid Ref. Advice -


Alpsport front cover Eastwood Camping Centre 7. Ecotrek :

Bogong Jack Adventures . 9. Outland 10. Paddy Pallin back cover U Relax 4 Well Drive 2. Williss Walkabouts 5. Outdoor Travel 4.

The Sydney Bushwalker magazine is printed on recycled paper care

The Sydney Bushwalker, February 2000

” Page2 |


The Annual General Meeting of the Sydney Bushwaikers Incorporated will be held at the clubrooms in the Kirribilli Community Centre on Wednesday March 8“ at 8 pm. There are a large number of committee positions to be filled and as retiring president Eddy Giacomel said in the Bushwalker magazine last February:

Many times during the year we hear the club should …. Well wait no more. Now is your opportunity to change …the Club should… to I will… You dont have to wait for a position to become vacant you may challenge any member standing for re- election if you desire.

Come along and participate in the running of your club. A summary of the duties of most club committee positions is given on page 8.


The SBW reunion will be held on the clubs Kangaroo Valley property, Coolana, on the weekend of March 11 to March 12. Please attend and join in inducting the new club president and enjoy the entertainment, the campfire and the socializing.

Full details, including a map showing the location of Coolana, are included as an insert in this magazine. :

Mark your calendar and keep the weekend free. ;



John Hogan advises that he will be in Sydney for the northern wet season and his tour business will be closed until further notice.

Suncrest 5/12 Girralong St Woree Qid 4868 {Phone 07 4054 2111 Fax 07 4054 1166 Email


~ COOLANA .. reported by Frank Rigby:

A new walking track has been constructed at Coolana from the -car parking area to the river flats. It is an alternative to the existing road and is about the same length; however, in my view, the track is a more pleasant walk and also avoids the rocky, eroded part of the road.

For most of its length the track is very easy to walk and is quite suitable for carrying rucksacks and even articles carried in the hand. Only at the pass through the cliffline is a little care required but this

section should not afford any particular

difficulty for most people. At the top of the cliffline a short side-track leads to a

' spectacular rock platform lookout. I propose

that this point should be named Coolana Lookout.

The track starts near the large Coolana sign in the car park area.

Look for the walking track sign.



poe The Sydney Bushwalker, February 2000

Page 3

A Breathtaking View by William Midson

The headline i in the summer walks calendar shouted, You! You! You!

My brief flirtation with the Sydney

Bushwalkers several years.ago was curtailed | by a move from Sydney to a run down.

Southern Highlands home, and parenthood. And if that wasnt enough, helping to run the local soccer club tied up three seasons of Saturdays tighter than a bowline.

But when the walks calendar arrived and the first walk was at Hilltop, half an hour from home,- I sought leave from all those responsibilities and called up.

I passed muster with the walk leader. I was going Me! Me! Me!

Saturday moming introductions were easy. Most of the group would answer to Bill: Bill, Bill, Bill William, Brian and Rik. So I farewelled the wife and kids. They

would return to pick me up at 4,30 the next


Down to Rocky Waterholes Creek on day

one. No track. Id forgotten how wonderful it is to get scratched to pieces beating through the Aussie bush. And it got better. Snakes to step over, leeches to feed and stinging nettles to brush against all brought back the perverse pleasure, no the exultation, of a good bustiwalk. ,

Saturday night was delightful A grassy flat, and plenty of wood and water. My compartions put meat ease sharing. tips in camp etiquette and-cuisine. Conversation moved freely and -broadly from families to feod, from the club to Coolana, to the brothels and bar rooms from Bangkok to Barcelona, from walks done to walks dreamed of.

By the, time we broke camp on Sunday moming [had been given. some eighty-nine numbered camping tips and had developed a

respect and affection for my wiry and seasoned companions, particularly Bnan who would soon be turning seventy. There was also a touch of envy at the obvious friendship they had developed over many shared adventures.

By mid-morning we had reached the base of Russells Needle. To make the assault I dutifully packed my water, snacks, raincoat and first-aid kit. The others took nothing but the time to straighten their hats.

We searched confidently for a route to the summit, found it and climbed. I noticed that

Brian, perhaps through some stiffening of

the joints moved up through one crevice horizontally, legs on one side, arms and backside on the other, walking up the wall.

The higher we got the more exposed the route. Vistas opened all around as a pair of eagles floated along the westem escarpment.

Then just short of the top they all stopped without explanation. It was now very exposed. But Brian continued so I followed. We climbed some three or four metres up a sloping rock face with.a central fissure - a hold for feet and fingers.

As I reached the .

top of the rock face I saw Brian making the -

final assault.

The peak curved to the left being an overhang with one long large crack in it. Would today be the day it fell the sheer hundreds of metres to the valley below. I was frightened. There was a narrow rock bridge to cross, 20 centimetres wide and a few metres long, except perhaps for that crack undemeath. But the bridge was cluttered with loose rocks, large and small - loose rocks on a narrow bridge, with sheer faces on either side. .

And across it teetered Brian. Across it wobbled Brian. Then he turned back and said to me, perhaps more to himself, Not bad for sixty-nine! If I could have spoken, I would have agreed. But my chest was somehow contracted and tight, while Brian


Page 4 |

confidently straddled the rock that was the summit, self assured and satisfied.

So I followed, looking down and around, taking small snatches of air. Then I knew. I was for the first time experiencing a breathtaking view.

We didnt stay long, returning to the others then to the Nattai.

By the time we approached the top of Starlights Track, I was buggered. J reminded Rik what a godsend the sweets were he had slipped into my hand as I had struggled on a test walk years earlier up Mount Colong. But this time Riks pockets were empty. So on I struggled.

We got back at 4.29 but my family were late. As I sat and waited I mused on the friendships developed on this shared adventure. .

With gratitude to Bill, Bill, Brian and Rik. William Midson ocooo

Planned Cycling Trip in France in June 2000

I plan to spend some 3-4 weeks cycling in southern France in the Provencal/Camargue area in June 2000.

I will probably start from Avignon and travel as far east as the Mercantour

National Park close to the Italian border, and possibly as far west as the

Pyrenees. There would be some walking available in some areas.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who might be interested in joining me for

all or some of the time. It is not intended to be a hard trip, more in the

nature of a steady meander. | plan to camp and/or stay at youth hostels.

Tom Wenman Phone. 9978 9018W or 9987 4122H

News from Roger Browne.

Bill Holland has been requested to pass on the following information from SBW member Roger Browne, presently living in Britain.

Whenever I visit Sydney, Im always made very welcome by old and new friends in SBW and I'd like to extend an invitation to SBW members to drop in or stay when they are in England.

Rowena and I, plus our two young children, live in Lancaster. Whilst we cant offer four- star comfort, we do have lots of space so groups are not a problem

Lancaster is a small but interesting city (stone buildings, castles, canals and all that sort of stuff) with easy access by motorway or by train and is well-placed as a base from which to explore the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales.

It makes a good half-way stop on a journey , to Scotland.

Regards, Roger

My Address is:

Roger Browne 19 Eden Park Lancaster LAI 4SJ UK ~ Phone +44 1524 32428 email (roger eiffel. uk)




EUROPEAN WALKING & CYCLING HOLIDAYS Independent & small group holidays in France, Tuscany, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Eastern Europe, Morocco & New Zealand. Call for a free brochure: 1800 331 583 Lie 31102

Email: outdoor(

Web. MT TOWNSEND - BOB TURNERS TRACK by Craig Austin After 16 years this story can now be related to show how a few complications can turn an otherwise uneventful walk into an epic. The party assembled about 6:30 am on a cold June dawn for a pleasant stroll along the ridge to Mt Townsend and the Colo, up the river and return via Bob Turners track. I reassured my wife, who can be a bit negative about these things, that the last weeks rain would not have had much effect on the river. We followed a narrow sandstone ridge with glimpses into the gorge from rock slabs and enough fallen timber and ground cover to slow progress a little without being too difficult. The last drop to the river was a typical Colo access route descend a steep loose spur, scramble down a small cliff and leap into a tangle of lawyer vine and brambles at the base. The river was rolling along impressively, broad and brown. Some time was spent finding a crossing that was only thigh deep and did not require swimming. A warming fire and lunch was needed before proceeding. We later learnt that Katoomba registered a maximum temperature of 4 on that day. Reasonable progress can normally be made along this section of the Colo by wading up the sandbars and crossing from side to side to avoid the steepest banks. Sadly neither crossing nor wading was an option so we struggled slowly through the River Gums and around the cliffs on the Western bank until reaching Tootie Creek, noting with interest that no easy river crossings had been seen since our moring wade. We arrived opposite Hungryway Creek about 3:45. There was a brisk breeze blowing, the sun had long since departed from the depths of the Colo gorge and the river was swirling dangerously over the rapids. Our only choice was to swim the relatively still, but very wide, pool above the rapids. This long, cold swim was viewed with some trepidation by the less confident swimmers but quick action was needed as, once stopped, we were cooling down rapidly. There were two cameras in the party but only John had a waterproof garbage bag. This was promptly commandeered for the cameras and also, of course, for Johns clothes. I swam across with the bag, holding one end of a 35metre rope to provide support for the less confident swimmers. Unfortunately the pool was about 50 metres wide so both Richard & I had to stand in waist deep water holding each end of the line. Even more, unfortunately those people who had not been sure that they wanted to swim became quite certain once they entered the water, starting a protracted debate on alternatives. A calm and thoughtful discussion was not easy when waist deep in fngid water. Finally John, Alan, Dorothy and Spiro elected not to cross and remained on the west bank, as did Christine's sandshoes and Alans car keys. John, whose clothes had already crossed in the bag, exchanged gear with Malcolm who was swimming. After shouted directions (the only map being on the other bank) the non swimmers hurried back downstream, attempting to reach Tootie Creek before dark. Group one hastily lit a fire to thaw frozen limbs and waited while Richard heroically swam twice more across the river and retrieved car keys and sandshoes. A quick walk up Bob Turners track in the dusk completed their trip. Group two did locate the route up the ridge from the Tootie Creek junction just before dark but reported that a torch would have been helpful on the stumble back to Mountain Lagoon where they were picked up about 9 pm. We have since avoided the Colo after heavy rain in winter and now ask all potential companions Do-you like swimming? Participants Spiro, Christine, Craig, Bronwyn, Malcolm Noble, Richard Winthorpe, Dot Pike, Alan Pike, John Redfem. & CLUB CLIQUES jrom Morag Ryder With reference to the letters from Brian Holden and Rob Millans. One should be aware that the problem of clique-ness is not confined to the SBW. I have walked with another well-known club and with a conservation group that had a large bushwalking contingent; and found the same attitude in both groups. Perhaps the tendency to keep to ones own little group and not socialize much is an attribute that goes with the bushwalking mentality, because it took me a good many OVERNIGHT walks before I felt that I belonged in SBW. This attitude has never concerned me, I go bushwalking because I love THE BUSH. All I need is reliable transport and a reliable leader ie. A good navigator with good bush sense. If my fellow walkers are friendly and communicative thats a bonus. pono Confederation Note General Search and Rescue Training will be held at the Cataract Scout Camp on April 8-9 commencing at 8.30am. Activities will include: Wilderness self rescue bush safety Helicopters night navigation Rescue radios GPS receivers Rescue coordination crime scene Cataract Scout Camp is off the Appin/Bulli Rd. Look for the tum off to Cataract Dam about Skm from Appin. Take map (Appin 1:25 000 No.9029-I-S) and compass and normal camping gear. Camping is near cars. Kitchen available. SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS THEY SUPPORT OUR CLUB Eastwood Camping Centre is a privately owned business, estabished in 1970 by Nancy and Jack Fox. After 28 years experience we can confidently offer the best service in Sydney at the lowest prices. We carry the most extensive of camping gear & accessories in Sydney, specialising in: = tents = backpacks = Sleeping bags = rock climbing & abseiling gear = walking boots _ =gas equipment (lights, stoves, spares) For further enquiries and expert advice give us a call and talk to our fulltime staff: Paul Lidgard Brett Murphy Toby Watson _ Matt de Belin Margaret Fox ~ Nancy Fox | eastwood camping | centre Phone: 02 9858 3833 3 Trelawney Street, Eastwood FR ES REESE CERERRE Ree SSS RES : Cua - : os H Re sg a Sr se 8 8S NS SS RS SF “ARREST IAFF REUTERS RNR NEOUS RN RIN CE ERECT NGS = | The Sydney Bushwalker, February 2000 Page 8 SBW Committee Positions Duties. The SBW Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday March 9”. Many club members may hesitate to take up club committee positions because they are unsure of what is involved so here is a summary of the duties of most positions. A handbook is currently being compiled giving the full details and responsibilities of all committee positions. This handbook will be available for perusal at the clubrooms but meanwhile if more detail is required then all present incumbents would be happy to provide it. Most committee positions _ involve attendance at committee meetings on the first Wednesday of most months and others may also involve attendance at the monthly general meetings. President Chairs general and committee meetings. Represents the SBW at functions such as funerals etc. Focuses on the broader issues that are not encompassed by other committee positions. Currently is running the club Website Currently is organizing and running the club answer phone system Vice President Shares presidents duties and acts as locum if the president is not available. Public Officer. Responsible for clubs compliance with all legal and statutory requirements. Submits appropriate forms to various government departments. Will be responsible for lodging GST returns in the unlikely event that SBW is not exempt. Holder of clubs two Common Seal stamps. Treasurer Attends committee and general meetings. Keeps ongoing financial accounts Pays regular and occasional accounts Presents monthly financial report at each committee and general meeting. : Presents the annual budget to committee and generalmeeting and proposes any change to : subscriptions for the next financial year. tee a Secretary Attends general and committee meetings to record and to read the minutes. Processes incoming and outgoing correspondence. Arranges the meeting agenda. Walks Secretary Compiles a walks program each quarter. Presents the program for approval to the committee. Encourages walk leaders to lead interesting walks. Compiles and gives walks reports at monthly meetings. Bill Capon has compiled a comprehensive record of all overnight SBW walks from 1949-1999 as a source of information for walk leaders Social Secretary Obtains interesting speakers for club meetings from within and without the club. Organises club social nights. Arranges catering for club meetings and club functions such as the annual Xmas party. Membership Secretary Attends committee meetings. Maintains clubs membership data base (Dbase3/4) Arranges printing of club magazine mailing labels. Provides annual club membership list for printing. Provides annual list of unfinancial members to the committee. New Members Secretary. Attends committee meetings. Answers enquiries frdm. possible members at club rooms Advises prospective mernbers and provides them with literature and application forms. Receives their subscription and supplies their particulars to Membership Secretary. Introduces them to members at club meetings. Obtains details of walks carried out by prospectives and obtains signatures for them from supporting members. Introduces them to the committee when their application is completed. SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS THEY SUPPORT OUR CLUB ig The Sydney Bushwalker, February 2000 Page 9 | Conservation Secretary Liaises with conservation bodies and government organizations. Keeps aware of conservation issues. Monitors NPWLS Plans of Management and prepare submissions. . . Sends out letters to the Government etc re conservation issues as required. Attends meetings with other conservation organizations. . Promotes clubs Conservation Fund and recommends donations by SBW to _ appropriate conservation organizations. Keeps conservation correspondence records. Editor Attends committee meetings. Solicits articles from members. Liaises with business manager re advertisements. Compiles magazine, editing articles and inserting advertisements where necessary. Supplies an original magazine, less covers, cover advertisements and full page advertisements, prepared on the clubs laser … printer to club printing team for printing. ~ Requires access to an IBM PC with preferably Word word processing program. (Note. Club does not own a computer.) General Committee Member Attends committee meetings to represent the broad interests of club members. ** 4 good position for a member who would like to learn the ropes. Confederation Delegates Represent SBW at monthly Confederation meetings. Reports to committee and general meetings on Confederation matters relevant to the SBW and its members. Presenis SBW concerns to Confederation. Business Manager Does not have to attend committee meetings. Solicits advertisements from likely advertisers. Liaises with Editor re adverts. Liaises with treasurer re payment for adverts. Production Manager Does not normally attend committee meetings. Arranges for printing of magazine cover, and any other special documents such as inserts, walks programs, annual reports, mailing labels. Kangaroo Island Watk with the Wild Life! Easy walks to historic lighthouses, along spectacular coastline and through flowering bushland Visit Remarkable Rocks & A Penguin Colony Walk among sea lions at Seal Bay Spotlight nocturnal wildlife All tours fully escorted Day Pack only, Small Groups Farmstay accommodation ECOTREK: BOGONG JACK ADVENTURES PO BOX 4 * KANGARILLA SA 5157 Phone 08/8383 7198 Fax 08/8383 7377 Email The Sydney Bushwalker, February 2000 Page 10 | Arranges collating and mailing of magazine. Orders printing material such as ink and paper. Printers No special skills required. Do not attend committee meetings. Print Bushwalker magazine and other documents as required. Printers take it in turn to print the magazine one evening each month. The clubs printer ts currently located in Alex Colleys garage at Turramurra. Surely there is a position above that you would find interesting? ona0c Something new at the top of the Blue Mountains …. Courses Expeditions intro te dimbing trekking, Kokada Trail intro To abseiling trekking, Mont Blanc remote area first responder trekking. Nepal vertical rescue plus roping & rescue cheap fights, permits. canyon leader visas - complete expedition navigation & survival management service Gear Join us on the verandah clothing Relax with a free coffee rainwear while you walt fer your hardware - rope buskwatking mates Wwetsutts - sale/hire thermais - hats maps - compasses book goes Wait cut a rain sterm packs with old copies of Wild, Geo, Rock and Outdoor. We're open 7 days 22 Station St Mt Victoria fopp. the Pub} freecall for a brochure 1800 ABSEM. (02 4787 1777} Seli some old gear on the noticeboard. Beyond The Comfort Zone by Libby Harrington There is one side effect of becoming a fully fledged SBW member and that is that one has a tendency to do beyond the comfort zone joumeys. Sunday dawned a tad drizzly, too overcast for a lazy sail, too miserable-for the beach, too late to join a bushwalk so we undusted the mountain bikes and decided to-head for Wollongong, from Pittwater. It was actually great cycling weather, just the right amount of drizzle to wash off the sweat as the cobwebs were being blown out of the lungs up Spit Hill!! There was a point in my life where I refused to let the children ride out of our home village for fear that they would be side swiped by those drivers who hate. cyclists however I have to say that so far I have had no cause to fear and I didn't tell my kids what I was doing. We meandered around the harbour foreshores eventually crossing the bridge to our favourite little cafe, G'Day Cafe where we indulged in coffee and cake. There was a brief thought at this time that the Glebe Street market would be a more sensible option however SBW sense prevailed and we headed for Central and a train to Sutherland to begin the cycle through the National Park. It was approximately 1 1am at this point in time and we thought we had plenty of time. Cycling through the Park was very beautiful, especially down along Lady Carrington Drive which is closed to traffic and where we saw a pair of mating lyre birds totally oblivious to everyone around them, oh to be a bird! There were many struggles, one being the climb up to Stanwell Tops however the thought of coffee and apple pie at the top helped. We continued to meander along the coast _Toad towards Wollongong where at a point we connected with a cycle track which SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS THEY SUPPORT OUR CLUB The Sydney Bushwailker, February 2000 Page 11 hugged the beaches and was reminiscent of the cycle paths through Bavaria around the lakes and villages. it was at about 4.30pm that we reached Wollongong Station and just in time for the express train to Sydney. It is not wise after such a long physical workout to stop for too long and when we eventually alighted at Gordon | truly thought that I could not go the distance back to Bayview. We wanted to start at Turramurra as J was told it was down hill to St Ives, however track work meant all off at Gordon, sadly. So up the hill to St Ives with pure determination, stiff muscles and no energy. It was around 6.30pm with overcast skies and a rapidly setting sun that we decided noi to attempt Tumbledowndick Hill but to risk McCarrs Creek Road in the dark, so left at Terrey Hills and a very dark tide home which we reached safely by 9.30pm and a well eamed beer. Yes, we were glad we had had such a BIG day. oooc0 The December 1999 General Meeting. reported by Barry Wallace There were approximately 20 members present at around 2013 when the president called the meeting to order and began proceedings, There were no apologies or new members for welcome to the club. The minutes of the November general meeting were read and received, with no matters arising. Incoming correspondence comprised letters from Paddy Pallin Ltd conceming a possible display of goods at the clubrooms, from Bob Debus, from Bob Carr, from the National Parks Association soliciting contributions, from Frank Rigby proposing a track to points of interest at Coolana, from the NSW Department of Land and Water conservation providing an opinion on possible regeneration at Coolana and last but by no _ means least from Owen Marks making a generous donation to Coolana funds. There was also an outgoing letter to Richard Brading seeking advice on a matter concerning Coolana. Matters arising saw passage of a resolution that we write to Owen thanking him for the donation. The treasurers report was not presented due to a chronological difficulty, the treasurer had brought details for the previous month in error. Bill Capon presented the walks reports, which began with a cancellation. Eddy Giacomel's walk out from Carlons Farm, programmed for the weekend of 13, 14 November, attracted insufficient starters. There was a general belief that Bill Hopes Sunday day walk in the same area did go, but Bill (Capon that is) was unable to recount the details for the meeting. Bill (Holland that is) reported that his Sunday walk along a section of the Old North Road . went, with a party of 21. It was an easy walk and this turned out to be just as well, as the route lay along ridge tops on what turned out to be a hot day. Nigel Weavers Jamison Valley walk, transferred from the previous weekend, also went that day, with a party of 3 and great views. Ian Rannard had 10 on his midweek walk on the following Tuesday. The weekend of 20, 21 November saw Wilf, Hilder leading some 10 souls on his Frank Leyden memorial walk out from Bell in early mist, and later rain, through to lunchtime. The Waratahs made up for the conditions to some extent and the walk was described as successful. Gail Crichton relocated her Saturday walk to Springwood for the party of 24 who attended. Roger Treagus reported that the party of 10 on his Barren Grounds Sunday walk endured fog, wind and rain for a time before beating a retreat. Errol Sheedy, a little to the north of Roger in the Royal, reported cool and rainy conditions for the 21 who took the Sunday trip from Cronulla to Bundeena. Jim Callaway and the party of 6 on his Engadine to Waterfall walk the same day managed to SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS THEY SUPPORT OUR CLUB The Sydney Bushwalker, February 2000 Page 12 | fit in a swim before the rain arrived but were less than enthusiastic about the wet rocks along the streams. Bill Hope is reported to have had a party of 5 on his Nattai Wilderness area walk over the weekend of 27, 28 November but that was all the information available to the meeting. Zol Bodlays Saturday walk in Marramarra National Park had a report out there somewhere, but not at this meeting. Peter Millers Popran National Park trip on the Sunday was full of incident for the 11 starters, with homets, a snake, a tumble, and agoamia. To cap it all the coffee shop was closed. They were told there would be days like this, but no one said how often. Craig Austins walk on the Colo wild side the same day had 7 starters and plenty of scrambling, according to wisdom lately received via the copper or optical fibre. The first weekend in December was a bit of a let down, with no report for Margaret Sheen's Manly Beach fun run, a cancellation due to knee problems for the leader of Phil Newmans Blue Mountains walk, and Nigel Weaver cancelling his Erskine Creek lilo trip due to the lack of starters. Jim Callaway still managed to run his Sunday trip in the Royal from Helensburgh to Otford despite confused buses and a snake. They even had aswim, with or without snake, and Jim declared it a glorious day. Wilfs mid week daylight saving walk in the vicinity of Olympic Park involved the not unusual fence scaling for the party of 6 on what turned out to be a warm day. Im not sure we really want to know the details. Conservation report concemed the exchange of letters on the various issues of the day. There was a letter to the NSW state government regarding the proposed use of native forest materials for green energy, a letter to the Premier, Bob Carr, regarding the re-structure (oh no not another restructure) of the NP&WLS, a letter to the Premier about the proposal to log Iron Bark forests to produce charcoal for a silica smelter, and a letter to Peta Seeton; NSW shadow minister for the environment regarding the coalitions land use policies. There was also mention of a letter from the NSW Department of Land and Water conservation regarding possible revegetation at Coolana. Confederation report covered the matter of pig damage in parks, and a further delay in production of Confederation calendars. General business saw mention of the probable impact of the changes in taxation arrangements on the club. Inputs will be taxed but subscriptions should be free of tax. The club is to determine whether we should apply for an ABN (Australian Business Number) as part of our preparation. Announcements came and went, and the meeting closed at 2118. oga0o The January 2000 General Meeting. reported by Barry Wallace The meeting commenced at around 2016 with some 18 or so members present and the president in the chair. There were apologies for Rosemary MacDougal Bill Capon and Elwyn Morris. New member Gillian Dowell was welcomed to membership with constitution, badge and membership list. The minutes of the December general meeting were read and received, with no matters arising. The only items of correspondence for the month were related to conservation, so these were deferred for mention later in the meeting during the conservation report. The treasurers report indicated that we began the period with $11,274 acquired income of $1,986, disbursed $10,015, most of that to a cash management trust deposit, and closed with $3,245. SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS THEY SUPPORT OUR CLUB The Sydney Bushwalker, February 2000 Page 13 Tony Crichton was more or less press ganged into presenting the walks reports in the absence of Bill Capon. Over the weekend of 10, 11, 12 December Ian Wolfes canyon trip in the Bungonia area went with a party.of 6 and no other details. Eddy Giacomel had a party of 8 on his Harbour Walk from Circular Quay to Manly, all of whom are reported to have survived the experience. There may have been some miscalculation of the ice cream and coffee stops along the way, for it seems to have ended in a bit of a scramble for the ferry at Manly. There were no details available to the meeting for Ralph Penglis Sunday walk from La Perouse to Bondi or for Ron Watters walk out from Macquarie Pass (foot). We do know that Roger Treagus had a party of 6 on his trip to Resolute Beach in Kur-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. Wilf Hilders Thursday midweek walk in the Georges River Nature Reserve seems to have been characterised by a certain fragility among the party of four, in the aftermath of the club Christmas party. This may have, in part at least, explained the curious error in navigation that seems to have emerged along the way. On the other hand, if you have walked with Wilf, you may know better than to think that. The weekend of 17, 18, 19 December saw Ian Wolfe and some 12 souls embark on a couple of one-day canyon trips out from Kanangra. (Written up by Libby Harrington in the January mag.Ed) The Saturday went well, with a trip through Kanangra Main canyon in good conditions. Sunday, after someones birthday celebration, was a somewhat muted affair, with consensus reached to tackle the less challenging Dionne Dell or Wallara Canyon. There were no details available to the meeting for Tony Manes Saturday walk in The Royal and although we know Errol Sheedy led his Bundeena to Bundeena walk on the Sunday we have no other details. Michael Bickley had 5 on his walk and messing about in boats trip in Ku-Ring Gai National Park on 26 December. Conditions were overcast but pleasant. The various Lazy Days functions scheduled at Coolana saw around 20 people attend over the period from 24 December to 2 January. Conditions were mostly wet, with only two days qualifying as fine and sunny. Tony Holgate cancelled his extended walk in the Blue Mountains over the Christmas period. Rosemary MacDougal reported a party of three for her base camp at Three Mile Hut. Zol Bodlay had the party of five on his Wollemi area trip engaged in an extended celebration. David Trinders Snowy area lodge based trip was enjoyed by the party of around 16 despite indifferent weather conditions. The New Years Eve festivities seem to have been a feature. Ian Rannard showed some flexibility for the 14 starters on his scheduled trip out from Round Mountain by permitting a first-night stay in Adaminaby while the prevailing inclemency abated a little. Maurice Smith, also out from Round Mountain with a party of eight, experienced cool and wet conditions. The tradition of declaring Happy New Year at 2100 hours and retreating to bed before one can freeze seems to still be alive and well in those parts. There was no report for Geoff Dowsetts extended trip in Ben Boyd National Park Michael Bickley had a party of 6 on his combined walk and boat cruise on the 1” of January and Ken Cheng followed up on the 2 with a party of five experiencing cloudy and cool conditions on his easy walk in Brisbane Waters. The mid week beach barbecue at Balmoral on Wednesday the 6“ attracted around 30. Kenn Clacher led his two one-day canyon trips in the Bungleboori over the weekend of 8, 9 January with attendances of 6 on the Saturday and 5 on Sunday. The Sunday walk in The Royal, led by David Robinson SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS THEY SUPPORT OUR CLUB Jo The Sydney Bushwalker, February 2000 Page 14 | attracted 10 starters. A spot of swimming enhanced the experience along the way. Roger Treagus was also out that day, on his canoe/kayak trip up Cowan Creek with a party of 6. The weekend of 15, 16 January saw an instructional at Coolana with around 5 Starters. Michael Bickleys Saturday walk and boat cruise in Kur-Ring-Gai Chase went, but there was no report to the meeting. Tony Holgate had the party of 15 on his Lane Cove Valley Reserve walk the same day experiencing some real scrub and Jim Callaway led a party of nine on his Cronulla to Otford romp on the Sunday Wilf Hilder deferred his mid week walk to a time to be announced, and in doing so ended the walks reports for the extended month. Conservation report continued _ the heightened exchange of letters, with receipts from the Premier Bob Carr and Brian Gilligan, director-general of NPWS. There was also a letter from Peta Seeton the Opposition environment spokesperson advising us that their policies are being re- written, one from Kin Yeadon assuring us that no native trees will be felled for Green Power production, and a media release from Bob Debus conceming timber for silica production. Confederation report covered two meeting which have been held since our last meeting. The S&R calendars are still coming, Confederation have received Plain English insurance documents, the matter of insurance cover for abseiling trips has been clarified and there is disquiet in some quarters over closures of some Wollongambe canyons to commercial operators. Of General Business there was none. Announcements came and went, and the meeting closed at 2102. oo000 Next Month 1. Details of the New Committee. 2. The Real Mountains of NSW by Dick Whittington 3. Confessions on the road to enlightenment. by Judith OConnor oo0c0 Bush Regeneration at Burning Palms Confederation are seeking volunteers for bush regeneration work at Buming Palms in the Royal National Park on March 20-24 Contact Jim Callaway on 9520 7081 H or 0219 4379W o0000 Confederation Bush Ball. The Confederation Bush Ball will be held at the Petersham Town Hall on Friday the thirteenth of October. The theme of the ball will be: Friday the thirteenth. You are invited to attend in bandages, plaster, on crutches or even on a stretcher. But I doubt that admission is covered by Medicare!! og000 Map Grid Refences. More accuracy required for helicopter searches The November issue of the Confederation Bushwalker carried an article on Search and Rescue which indicates that the normal bushwalkers six (6) figure grid reference number for the location of an emergency, is not sufficiently accurate for the GPS navigation of a helicopter and what is needed is a fifteen (15) figure grid reference which is readily available from NORMAL 1:25,000 Topographic maps. (GPS receivers give a 15 figure readout.) If sufficient interest is shown I will reprint the Bushwalker article in the Sydney Bushwalker. oO 00800 SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS THEY SUPPORT OUR CLUB

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