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This page serves as a tracker for the editing of the magazines, as well as a place to read the old magazines. Please read the introduction and instructions before editing the files.

Note that you will only have access to the Edit this page button if you are logged in. Otherwise you will be able to view the files, but not edit them.

If you need help deciding which magazine to edit, the list of interesting articles might be a good starting point.

Feel free to take over any magazine with Status listed as “In progress”, but which have not been edited in the past 12 months (last edited date is in the Status field)!

For magazines from 2009-2017 (in PDF format), see the recent_magazines page.


Issue Status
December 2008PDFView/edit pageWIP JK
November 2008PDFView/edit page
October 2008PDFView/edit page
September 2008PDFView/edit page
August 2008PDFView/edit page
July 2008PDFView/edit page
June 2008PDFView/edit page
May 2008PDFView/edit page
April 2008PDFView/edit page
March 2008PDFView/edit page
February 2008PDFView/edit page
January 2008PDFView/edit page
December 2007PDFView/edit page
November 2007PDFView/edit page
October 2007PDFView/edit page
September 2007PDFView/edit page
August 2007PDFView/edit page
July 2007PDFView/edit page
June 2007PDFView/edit page
May 2007PDFView/edit page
April 2007PDFView/edit page
March 2007PDFView/edit page
February 2007PDFView/edit page
January 2007PDFView/edit page
December 2006PDFView/edit page
November 2006PDFView/edit page
October 2006PDFView/edit page
September 2006PDFView/edit page
August 2006PDFView/edit page
July 2006PDFView/edit page
June 2006PDFView/edit page
May 2006PDFView/edit page
April 2006PDFView/edit page
March 2006PDFView/edit page
February 2006PDFView/edit page
January 2006PDFView/edit page
December 2005PDFView/edit page
November 2005PDFView/edit page
October 2005PDFView/edit page
September 2005PDFView/edit page
August 2005PDFView/edit page
July 2005PDFView/edit page
June 2005PDFView/edit page
May 2005PDFView/edit page
April 2005PDFView/edit page
March 2005PDFView/edit page
February 2005PDFView/edit page
January 2005PDFView/edit page
December 2004PDFView/edit page
November 2004PDFView/edit page
October 2004PDFView/edit page
September 2004PDFView/edit page
August 2004PDFView/edit page
July 2004PDFView/edit page
June 2004PDFView/edit page
May 2004PDFView/edit page
April 2004PDFView/edit page
March 2004PDFView/edit page
February 2004PDFView/edit page
January 2004PDFView/edit page
December 2003PDFView/edit page
November 2003PDFView/edit page
October 2003PDFView/edit page
September 2003PDFView/edit page
August 2003PDFView/edit page
July 2003PDFView/edit page
June 2003PDFView/edit page
May 2003PDFView/edit page
April 2003PDFView/edit page
March 2003PDFView/edit page
February 2003PDFView/edit page
January 2003PDFView/edit page
December 2002PDFView/edit page
November 2002PDFView/edit page
October 2002PDFView/edit page
September 2002PDFView/edit page
August 2002PDFView/edit page
July 2002PDFView/edit page
June 2002PDFView/edit page
May 2002PDFView/edit page
April 2002PDFView/edit page
March 2002PDFView/edit page
February 2002PDFView/edit page
January 2002PDFView/edit page
December 2001PDFView/edit page
November 2001PDFView/edit page
October 2001PDFView/edit page
September 2001PDFView/edit page
August 2001PDFView/edit page
July 2001PDFView/edit page
June 2001PDFView/edit page
May 2001PDFView/edit page
April 2001PDFView/edit page
March 2001PDFView/edit page
February 2001PDFView/edit page
January 2001PDFView/edit page
December 2000PDFView/edit page
November 2000PDFView/edit page
October 2000PDFView/edit page
September 2000PDFView/edit page
August 2000PDFView/edit page
July 2000PDFView/edit page
June 2000PDFView/edit page
May 2000PDFView/edit page
April 2000PDFView/edit page
March 2000PDFView/edit page
February 2000PDFView/edit page
January 2000PDFView/edit page


Issue Status
December 1999PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
November 1999PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
October 1999PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
September 1999PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
August 1999PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
July 1999PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
June 1999PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom/JK)
May 1999PDFView/edit pageComplete (Colin, Kenn, JK)
April 1999PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
March 1999PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
February 1999PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom/JK)
January 1999PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom/JK)
December 1998PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom/JK)
November 1998PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom/JK)
October 1998PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom/JK)
September 1998PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom/JK)
August 1998PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom/JK)
July 1998PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom/JK)
June 1998PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom/JK)
May 1998PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom/JK)
April 1998PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom/JK)
March 1998PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
February 1998PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
January 1998PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1997PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
November 1997PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
October 1997PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom/JK)
September 1997PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
August 1997PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
July 1997PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
June 1997PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
May 1997PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
April 1997PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
March 1997PDFView/edit pageIn progress (JK) Oct-2019
February 1997PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
January 1997PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
December 1996PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
November 1996PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
October 1996PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
September 1996PDFView/edit pageComplete (Genevieve)
August 1996PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Vlad) May-2021
July 1996PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
June 1996PDFView/edit pageComplete (Lesley)
May 1996PDFView/edit pageComplete (Lesley)
April 1996PDFView/edit pageComplete (Lesley)
March 1996PDFView/edit pageComplete (Lesley)
February 1996PDFView/edit pageComplete (Lesley)
January 1996PDFView/edit pageComplete (Lesley)
December 1995PDFView/edit pageComplete (JohnF/JoanC)
November 1995PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
October 1995PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
September 1995PDFView/edit pageComplete (Genevieve)
August 1995PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
July 1995PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
June 1995PDFView/edit pageIn Progress (JoanC) Dec-2020
May 1995PDFView/edit page
April 1995PDFView/edit page
March 1995PDFView/edit page
February 1995PDFView/edit page
January 1995PDFView/edit page
December 1994PDFView/edit page
November 1994PDFView/edit page
October 1994PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
September 1994PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Genevieve) Mar-2019
August 1994PDFView/edit page
July 1994PDFView/edit page
June 1994PDFView/edit page
May 1994PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
April 1994PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
March 1994PDFView/edit page
February 1994PDFView/edit page
January 1994PDFView/edit page
December 1993PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1993PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1993PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1993PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Genevieve) Apr-2017
August 1993PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1993PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1993PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1993PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1993PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1993PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1993PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1993PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1992PDFView/edit page
November 1992PDFView/edit page
October 1992PDFView/edit page
September 1992PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Genevieve) Jun-2016
August 1992PDFView/edit page
July 1992PDFView/edit page
June 1992PDFView/edit page
May 1992PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Tom) May-2012
April 1992PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
March 1992PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
February 1992PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
January 1992PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
December 1991PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom/Geoff)
November 1991PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1991PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1991PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1991PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1991PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1991PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1991PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1991PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1991PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1991PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1991PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1990PDFView/edit page
November 1990PDFView/edit page
October 1990PDFView/edit page
September 1990PDFView/edit pageComplete (Genevieve)
August 1990PDFView/edit page
July 1990PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Rachel) Aug-2020
June 1990PDFView/edit page
May 1990PDFView/edit page
April 1990PDFView/edit page
March 1990PDFView/edit page
February 1990PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Roger Browne) Apr-2020
January 1990PDFView/edit pageComplete (Roger Browne)


Issue Status
December 1989PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
November 1989PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
October 1989PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1989PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1989PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1989PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1989PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1989PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
April 1989PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1989PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1989PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1989PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1988PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1988PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1988PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1988PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1988PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1988PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rich)
June 1988PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1988PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1988PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1988PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1988PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1988PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1987PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1987PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1987PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1987PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1987PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
July 1987PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1987PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1987PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1987PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1987PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1987PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1987PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1986PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1986PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1986PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1986PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
August 1986PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
July 1986PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
June 1986PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1986PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1986PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1986PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1986PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1986PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK) Page 14 Missing
December 1985PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1985PDFView/edit pageComplete (Simon/Tom)
October 1985PDFView/edit pageComplete (Simon)
September 1985PDFView/edit pageComplete (Simon)
August 1985PDFView/edit pageComplete (Simon)
July 1985PDFView/edit pageComplete (Simon)
June 1985PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1985PDFView/edit pageComplete (Simon) Page 14 missing
April 1985PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1985PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
February 1985PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1985PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1984PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
November 1984PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
October 1984PDFView/edit pageComplete (Helen)
September 1984PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
August 1984PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
July 1984PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
June 1984PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
May 1984PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
April 1984PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
March 1984PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
February 1984PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
January 1984PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
December 1983PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
November 1983PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
October 1983PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
September 1983PDFView/edit pageComplete (Kenn)
August 1983PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Kenn) Mar-2016
July 1983PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Kenn) Mar-2016
June 1983PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Kenn) Mar-2016
May 1983PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1983PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1983PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1983PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1983PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1982PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1982PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1982PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1982PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Genevieve) Jun-2016
August 1982PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1982PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rich)
June 1982PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1982PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1982PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1982PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1982PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1982PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1981PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1981PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1981PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1981PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1981PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1981PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1981PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1981PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1981PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1981PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1981PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1981PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1980PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
November 1980PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
October 1980PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
September 1980PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
August 1980PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
July 1980PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
June 1980PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
May 1980PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
April 1980PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
March 1980PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
February 1980PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
January 1980PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)


Issue Status
December 1979PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
November 1979PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
October 1979PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
September 1979PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
August 1979PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
July 1979PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
June 1979PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
May 1979PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
April 1979PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
March 1979PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
February 1979PDFView/edit page Complete (JoanC)
January 1979PDFView/edit page Complete (JoanC)
December 1978PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
November 1978PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC) Pages 1 & 2 missing
October 1978PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1978PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1978PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff) Page 1 missing
July 1978PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1978PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1978PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1978PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1978PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1978PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1978PDFView/edit pageComplete (Paul B)
December 1977PDFView/edit pageComplete (Genevieve)
November 1977PDFView/edit pageIn Progress (Genevieve) Apr-2019
October 1977PDFView/edit pageIn Progress (Genevieve) Mar-2019 (50th Anniversary Issue)
September 1977PDFView/edit pageComplete (Genevieve)
August 1977PDFView/edit pageComplete (Genevieve)
July 1977PDFView/edit page
June 1977PDFView/edit page
May 1977PDFView/edit page
April 1977PDFView/edit page
March 1977PDFView/edit page
February 1977PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
January 1977PDFView/edit page
December 1976PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1976PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1976PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1976PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1976PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1976PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1976PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1976PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1976PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1976PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1976PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1976PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1975PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
November 1975PDFView/edit page
October 1975PDFView/edit page
September 1975PDFView/edit page
August 1975PDFView/edit pageComplete (Anita)
July 1975PDFView/edit page
June 1975PDFView/edit page
May 1975PDFView/edit page
April 1975PDFView/edit page
March 1975PDFView/edit page
February 1975PDFView/edit page
January 1975PDFView/edit page
December 1974PDFView/edit page
November 1974PDFView/edit page
October 1974PDFView/edit pageComplete (Helen)
September 1974PDFView/edit page
August 1974PDFView/edit page
July 1974PDFView/edit page
June 1974PDFView/edit page
May 1974PDFView/edit page
April 1974PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1974PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1974PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1974PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1973PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1973PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1973PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1973PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1973PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1973PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1973PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1973PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1973PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1973PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1973PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1973PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1972PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1972PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1972PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1972PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Genevieve) Apr-2016
August 1972PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1972PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1972PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1972PDFView/edit page In progress (Caro) Mar-2016
April 1972PDFView/edit page Complete (Geoff)
March 1972PDFView/edit pageComplete (Toni/Rachel)
February 1972PDFView/edit pageComplete (Toni/Roger)
January 1972PDFView/edit pageComplete (Toni)
December 1971PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1971PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1971PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff).
September 1971PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1971PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1971PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1971PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1971PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1971PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1971PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1971PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1971PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1970PDFView/edit page
November 1970PDFView/edit page
October 1970PDFView/edit page
September 1970PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Genevieve) Mar-2016
August 1970PDFView/edit page
July 1970PDFView/edit page
June 1970PDFView/edit page
May 1970PDFView/edit pageComplete (JoanC)
April 1970PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Lucy) May-2016
March 1970PDFView/edit pageStarted (JF)
February 1970PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
January 1970PDFView/edit pageComplete (Lucy)


NumberIssue Status
December 1969PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
November 1969PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
October 1969PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
September 1969PDFView/edit pageAlmost complete (Genevieve) - Page 12 was missing, now added but needs tidying. Otherwise done
August 1969PDFView/edit pageAlmost complete (JK) - Page 15 was missing, now added but needs tidying. Otherwise done
July 1969PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1969PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1969PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1969PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1969PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1969PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1969PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1968PDFView/edit page
November 1968PDFView/edit page
October 1968PDFView/edit page
September 1968PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Genevieve) Mar-2019
August 1968PDFView/edit page
July 1968PDFView/edit page
June 1968PDFView/edit pageComplete (PaulB)
May 1968PDFView/edit pageComplete (PaulB)
April 1968PDFView/edit pageComplete (PaulB)
March 1968PDFView/edit page
February 1968PDFView/edit page
January 1968PDFView/edit page
December 1967PDFView/edit page
November 1967PDFView/edit page
October 1967PDFView/edit page
September 1967PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Genevieve) Jun-2016
August 1967PDFView/edit page
July 1967PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rich)
June 1967PDFView/edit page
May 1967PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rich)
April 1967PDFView/edit page
387March 1967PDFView/edit page
386February 1967PDFView/edit page
385January 1967PDFView/edit page
384December 1966PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
383November 1966PDFView/edit pageComplete (Paul B)
382October 1966PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
381September 1966PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
380August 1966PDFView/edit pageComplete ( Caro)
379July 1966PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
378June 1966PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
377May 1966PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
376April 1966PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
375March 1966PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
374February 1966PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
373January 1966PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
372December 1965PDFView/edit page
371November 1965PDFView/edit page
370October 1965PDFView/edit page
369September 1965PDFView/edit page
368August 1965PDFView/edit page
367July 1965PDFView/edit pageComplete (Anita)
366June 1965PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Paul B) Dec-2016
365May 1965PDFView/edit page
364April 1965PDFView/edit page
363March 1965PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
362February 1965PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
361January 1965PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
360December 1964PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
359November 1964PDFView/edit page
358October 1964PDFView/edit pageComplete (Helen)
357September 1964PDFView/edit pageIn Progress (JK) Sep-2018
356August 1964PDFView/edit page
355July 1964PDFView/edit page
354June 1964PDFView/edit page
353May 1964PDFView/edit page
352April 1964PDFView/edit page
351March 1964PDFView/edit page In progress (Tom) Oct-2018
350February 1964PDFView/edit page
349January 1964PDFView/edit page
348December 1963PDFView/edit page
347November 1963PDFView/edit page
346October 1963PDFView/edit page
345September 1963PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rich)
344August 1963PDFView/edit page
343July 1963PDFView/edit page
342June 1963PDFView/edit page
341May 1963PDFView/edit page
340April 1963PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
339March 1963PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
338February 1963PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
337January 1963PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
336December 1962PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
335November 1962PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
334October 1962PDFView/edit pageComplete (Joan)
333September 1962PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
332August 1962PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
331July 1962PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
330June 1962PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
329May 1962PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
328April 1962PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
327March 1962PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
326February 1962PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
325January 1962PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
324December 1961PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
323November 1961PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
322October 1961PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
321September 1961PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
320August 1961PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
319July 1961PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff). Page 6 blank - this is OK.
318June 1961PDFView/edit pageAlmost complete (Geoff).
317May 1961PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
316April 1961PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
315March 1961PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
314February 1961PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Robert Carter) Mar-2013
313January 1961PDFView/edit pageComplete (Robert Carter)
312December 1960PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
311November 1960PDFView/edit page Complete (Paul B)
310October 1960PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
309September 1960PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
308August 1960PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
307July 1960PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
306June 1960PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
305May 1960PDFView/edit pageComplete (Colin M/JK)
304April 1960PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
303March 1960PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
302February 1960PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
301January 1960PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)


Issue Status
December 1959PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1959PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1959PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1959PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
August 1959PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1959PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1959PDFView/edit pageComplete (Colin M/JK)
May 1959PDFView/edit pageComplete (Colin M)
April 1959PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1959PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1959PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1959PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1958PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1958PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1958PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1958PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1958PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
July 1958PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
June 1958PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
May 1958PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1958PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1958PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1958PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1958PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1957PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1957PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1957PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1957PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1957PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
July 1957PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
June 1957PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
May 1957PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
April 1957PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1957PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1957PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1957PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1956PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1956PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1956PDFView/edit pageIn Progress (Genevieve) April 2020
September 1956PDFView/edit pageComplete (Genevieve)
August 1956PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1956PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1956PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1956PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1956PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1956PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1956PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1956PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1955PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1955PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1955PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1955PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1955PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1955PDFView/edit pageComplete (Colin M)
June 1955PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1955PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1955PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1955PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1955PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1955PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1954PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1954PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1954PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1954PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1954PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1954PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1954PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1954PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1954PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1954PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1954PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1954PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1953PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1953PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1953PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1953PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1953PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1953PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1953PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1953PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1953PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1953PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1953PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1953PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
December 1952PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1952PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1952PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1952PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff).
August 1952PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1952PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1952PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1952PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1952PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1952PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1952PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1952PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1951PDFView/edit pageComplete (Melissa)
November 1951PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rich)
October 1951PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
September 1951PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1951PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
July 1951PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1951PDFView/edit pageComplete (Melissa)
May 1951PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1951PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1951PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1951PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1951PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
December 1950PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
November 1950PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
October 1950PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rich)
September 1950PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
August 1950PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
July 1950PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
June 1950PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
May 1950PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
April 1950PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
March 1950PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
February 1950PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
January 1950PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)


The December 1947 issue was mis-numbered as issue 157, when it should have been 156. This numbering was perpetuated until April 1957, which was numbered 268, the same number as March 1957. Technically, all of the magazines in between should have their numbers increased by 1.

Issue Status
181December 1949PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
180November 1949PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
179October 1949PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
178September 1949PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
177August 1949PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
176July 1949PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
175June 1949PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
174May 1949PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
173April 1949PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
172March 1949PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
171February 1949PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
170January 1949PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
169December 1948PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
168November 1948PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
167October 1948PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
166September 1948PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
165August 1948PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
164July 1948PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
163June 1948PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
162May 1948PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
161April 1948PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
160March 1948PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
159February 1948PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
158January 1948PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
157December 1947PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff). Note jump in numbering.
155November 1947PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
154October 1947PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
153September 1947PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
152August 1947PDFView/edit pageComplete (Colin M)
151July 1947PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
150June 1947PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
149May 1947PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
148April 1947PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
147March 1947PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
146February 1947PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
145January 1947PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
144December 1946PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
143November 1946PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
142October 1946PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
141September 1946PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
140August 1946PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
139July 1946PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
138June 1946PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
137May 1946PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
136April 1946PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
135March 1946PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
134February 1946PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
133January 1946PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
132December 1945PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Geoff) - Sep-2023
131November 1945PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
130October 1945PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
129September 1945PDFView/edit pageComplete (Anita)
128August 1945PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rich)
127July 1945PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
126June 1945PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
125May 1945PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rich)
124April 1945PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rich)
123March 1945PDFView/edit pageComplete (Melissa)
122February 1945PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rich)
121January 1945PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
120December 1944PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rich)
119November 1944PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
118October 1944PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
117September 1944PDFView/edit pageComplete (Genevieve/Geoff)
116August 1944PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
115July 1944PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
114June 1944PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
113May 1944PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
112April 1944PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Geoff) Sep-2017
111March 1944PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
110February 1944PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
109January 1944PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
108December 1943PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
107November 1943PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
106October 1943PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
105September 1943PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
104August 1943PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
103July 1943PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
102June 1943PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
101May 1943PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
100April 1943PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
99March 1943PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
98February 1943PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
97January 1943PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
96December 1942PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
95November 1942PDFView/edit pageComplete (Genevieve)
94October 1942PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
93September 1942PDFView/edit pageComplete (Genevieve)
92August 1942PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
91July 1942PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
90June 1942PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
89May 1942PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
88April 1942PDFView/edit pageIn progress (JK) Dec-2015
87March 1942PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
86February 1942PDFView/edit pageIn progress (David P) Aug-2016
85January 1942PDFView/edit pageComplete (JK)
84December 1941PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
83November 1941PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Elddawt) May-2016
82October 1941PDFView/edit pageComplete (Elddawt). Ready for another pair of eyes.
81September 1941PDFView/edit pageComplete (Elddawt). Ready for another pair of eyes.
80August 1941PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
79July 1941PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
78June 1941PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
77May 1941PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
76April 1941PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
75March 1941PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
74February 1941PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
73January 1941PDFView/edit pageComplete (Alex Allchin)
72December 1940PDFView/edit pageComplete (Alex Allchin)
71November 1940PDFView/edit pageComplete (Alex Allchin)
70October 1940PDFView/edit pageComplete (Alex Allchin)
69September 1940PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
68August 1940PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
67July 1940PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
66June 1940PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
65May 1940PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
64April 1940PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
63March 1940PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
62February 1940PDFView/edit pageComplete (Rachel)
61January 1940PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)


NumberIssue Status
60December 1939PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
59November 1939PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
58October 1939PDFView/edit pageComplete (David)
57September 1939PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
56August 1939PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
55July 1939PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Alex) Oct-2012
54June 1939PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
53May 1939PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
52April 1939PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
51March 1939PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
50February 1939PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
49January 1939PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
48December 1938PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
47November 1938PDFView/edit pageComplete (Emmanuelle)
46October 1938PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
45September 1938PDFView/edit pageComplete (Elddawt). Ready for another pair of eyes.
44August 1938PDFView/edit pageComplete (Elddawt)
43July 1938PDFView/edit pageComplete (Paul B)
42June 1938PDFView/edit pageComplete (Elddawt). Ready for another pair of eyes.
41May 1938PDFView/edit pageComplete (Elddawt). Ready for another pair of eyes.
40April 1938PDFView/edit pageComplete (Elddawt). Ready for another pair of eyes.
39March 1938PDFView/edit pageIn progress (Thuy) Nov-2015
38February 1938PDFView/edit pageComplete (Emmanuelle). Need review especially Antonio - New Dolly Ballad
37January 1938PDFView/edit pageComplete (Emmanuelle)
36November 1937PDFView/edit pageComplete (Emmanuelle)
35October 1937PDFView/edit pageComplete (Helen)
34July 1937PDFView/edit pageComplete (Emmanuelle)
33April 1937PDFView/edit pageComplete (Elddawt). Ready for another pair of eyes.
32January 1937PDFView/edit pageComplete (Elddawt). Ready for another pair of eyes.
AnnualNovember 1936PDFView/edit page
31September 1936PDFView/edit pageComplete (Melissa) final 2 pages missing
30July 1936PDFView/edit pageComplete (Thuy)
29May 1936PDFView/edit pageComplete (Elddawt)
28March 1936PDFView/edit pageComplete (Elddawt)
27January 1936PDFView/edit pageComplete (Elddawt)
AnnualOctober 1935Missing
26August 1935PDFView/edit pageComplete (Elddawt)
25June 1935PDFView/edit pageComplete (Emmanuelle)
24April 1935PDFView/edit pageComplete (Emmanuelle)
23February 1935PDFView/edit pageComplete (Emmanuelle)
22December 1934PDFView/edit pageComplete (Emmanuelle)
21October 1934PDFView/edit pageComplete (Emmanuelle)
20August 1934PDFView/edit pageComplete (Emmanuelle)
19June 1934PDFView/edit pageComplete (Vivien/Emmanuelle)
18April 1934Missing
17February 1934PDFView/edit pageComplete (Tom)
16December 1933PDFView/edit pageComplete (Vivien)
15October 1933PDFView/edit page In progress (Smiffy) May-2014
14August 1933PDFView/edit pageComplete (Caro)
13June 1933PDFView/edit pageComplete (Caro)
12April 1933PDFView/edit pageComplete (Caro)
11February 1933PDFView/edit pageComplete (Smiffy)
10December 1932PDFView/edit page
9October 1932PDFView/edit page
8August 1932PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
7June 1932PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
6April 1932PDFView/edit page
5February 1932PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
4December 1931PDFView/edit pageComplete (Geoff)
3October 1931PDFView/edit page
2August 1931PDFView/edit pageScan quality fairly poor
1June 1931PDFView/edit page
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