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List of Editors of The Sydney Bushwalker

Editor Cross reference Issue Nos. Period Editor's name
1 19June 1931October 1932Marjorie Hill
2 1027December 1932January 1936Brenda White
33, 42828March 1936March 1936Marie Byles (acting editor 1 issue only)
43, 42940May 1936April 1938Marie Byles
5 4188May 1938April 1942Dorothy Lawry
66, 108989May 1942May 1942Alex Colley (acting editor 1 issue only)
7 90123June 1942March 1945Clare Kinsella
8 124136April 1945April 1946Ray Kirkby
9 137147May 1946March 1947Ron Knightly
106, 10148196April 1947March 1951Alex Colley
11 197208April 1951March 1952Ken Meadows
1212, 27209232April 1952March 1954Jim Brown
1413, 14233244April 1954March 1955Dot Butler & Geoff Wagg
1513, 15245268April 1955March 1957Dot Butler
1616, 22269279April 1957March 1958Frank Rigby
1714, 17280291April 1958March 1959Geoff Wagg
18 292327April 1959March 1962Don Matthews (Mulga)
19 328351April 1962March 1964Stuart Brooks
20 352363April 1964March 1965Bob Duncan
2121, 25364375April 1965March 1966Bill Gillam
2216, 22376387April 1966March 1967Frank Rigby
2323, 26, 29388 April 1967March 1968Neville Page
24 April 1968March 1969Ross Wyborne
2521, 25 April 1969March 1970Bill Gillam
2623, 26, 29 April 1970March 1971Neville Page
2712, 27 April 1971March 1972Jim Brown
2828, 39 April 1972March 1976Spiro Hajinakitas
2923, 26, 29 April 1976March 1977Neville Page
3130, 31 April 1977March 1978Owen Marks & Dorothy Pike
32 April 1978March 1982Helen Gray
33 April 1982March 1984Evelyn Walker
34 April 1984March 1987Ainslie Morris
3535, 41 April 1987March 1989Patrick James
36 April 1989March 1991Morag Ryder
37 April 1991March 1992Judy O'Connor
38 April 1992November 1992Debora Shapira
3928, 39 December 1992March 1993Spiro Haginikitas
40 April 1993March 1997George Mawer
4135, 41 April 1997Feb 1999Patrick James
42 March 1999March 2001Ray Hookway
43 April 2001March 2006Bill Holland
44 April? 2006March 2008Pam Campbell
45 April 2008March 2009Maureen Carter
46 April 2009?February 2012Melinda Turner
47 March 2012June 2012Renee Gruber
48 July 2012February 2014Joanna Penney
49 March 2014August 2021Vivien de Rémy de Courcelles
50 September 2021CurrentStephen Craft/Stuart Corner
Total number of editors 49
Editors who held position two times 10
Editors who held position three times 1

Magazine Issue Numbers

Originally each magazine was given an issue number, printed on the front cover together with the date, and repeated on the Contents page. This lapsed in about January 1968. Issue numbers were revived with the September 1997 magazine.

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